Toyin Abraham-Ajeyemi Shines in Nigeria’s First Custard Television Commercial for Checkers Custard

Nigeria’s premium quality custard, Checkers Custard has attained a first-of-its-kind feat with the release of a television commercial starring Nollywood darling, Toyin Abraham-Ajeyemi.

The TVC tagged, Toyin Loves Checkers Custard is a brilliant work of art, brand positioning and comes with the highest level of production value.

Toyin, signed in the year 2022 as a Checkers Custard Brand Ambassador and Influencer showcases not only her acting talent but also exudes her real-life with and charm in this brand film directed by top industry filmmaker, Tolu Ajayi together with a world class production crew.

The multi-location shoot kicks off with an accurately re-enacted scene from her box office smash, The Ghost & The Tout Too with the first few seconds being actual film footage extracts. However, the illusion sets in with a remake of the original film set remade to give it some faux continuity to align with the commercial’s storyline.

Toyin is shown on the beach sand as seen after her spiritual cleansing just like in the 2021 film, complains that she’s been very hungry immediately the director calls for a break from filming. The ‘Priest’, played by same actor in the feature film, revered Ibadan-based Elewi (Yoruba spoken poet), Baba Ajobiewe echoes same sentiments adding that he even started to feel dizzy as well. This elicits general laughter from Toyin and the maids all dressed in robes.

From here, Toyin launches into an eulogy of Checkers Custard drawing comparisons to her personality and the brand as she struts away from the film set. However, two hyper crew members, ordering bowls of Checkers Custard by a branded stand along the way, obviously star-struck, hail her to which she acknowledges and encourages them.

Toyin’s set continues indoors with her specifically naming Checkers Custard Milk variant as her fave. As she flows in her narration, the same set of guys that cut in during her beach scene do same here showering her with praise mid-scene on the film set. This draws the director’s irritation and he shout, “Can someone get these two off my set!”. Toyin douses the on-set tension with a hand gesture plea to the director and makes to enjoy her bowl of Checkers Custard.

Toyin Loves Checkers Custard is the first TV commercial for a custard brand in Nigeria. It was shot on location at Elegushi Beach and Abiola Courts in Lekki, Lagos.

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